Wilde Lake by Laura Lippman

Wilde Lake by Laura Lippman was my first book by this author, though I’ve known her name for years. Obviously, this means that I can’t speak to how this title compares with her other standalones or her series. However, from just this one book, I understand why Lippman has such a following.

Immediately, I was drawn in by her writing and the main character. Supporting characters were a bit thin, but developed over time. Most importantly though, I was impressed by the fact that the most elusive mystery of the entire book was in fact, what mystery was being solved. The open-endedness of the plot—which weaved multiple unsolved, and ultimately unsolvable mysteries together—allowed late-blooming characters and a messiness that felt much more real than most mysteries that can be solved by the end of a book. Further, Lippman’s command of setting and visual environments is enjoyable to read, and only amplified by the fact that many of the book’s settings are ones from her own life.

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